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During the ICID Meeting, the technical exhibition presenting achievements in the field of dam constructions and management will be held.

The exhibition will be held from 1 to 7 September 2019 at Exhibition Hall at Bali Nusa Dua Convention Centre that occupies more than 1.363 square meters of the exhibition area, with ceilings 4 meters high Around 100 booths are available for the exhibitors.

In addition, a stage and giant screen are provided to enable exhibitors promote their products and other attractions / presentations / performances.

Participants in the exhibition will get an opportunity to present their achievements and new technologies to  help them make their products and services known to a large group of companies and dam constructing engineers from all over the world,

in the field of service operation in the following areas :

  • water resource management
  • constructing and operating contractors
  • water resources (dam, irrigation, water supply)
  • engineering and consulting firms
  • electrification benefits
  • hydroelectric power companies
  • plants producing special equipment
  • environment specialist and consultants
  • companies working in the field of water sectors
  • organizations working in the field of irrigation
  • organizations and committees financing projects
  • computer organizations.