Mohammad Mazid Director of Irrigation and LowLand-Ministry of Public Works and Housing (MPWH) signed the One Map of DIY Province Irrigation Area

Jakarta, The Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia launched a One Map of Irrigation Area for the Special Province of Yogyakarta. The One Map of Irrigation Areais a spatial data provision to support the irrigation system developmentand answer the challenges of irrigation management for food security.

One Map of Irrigation Area for the Special Province of Yogyakartawas launched and signed by the representative of Ministry of Public Works and Housing (MPWH), Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs, Ministry of Home Affairs, Geospatial Information Agency, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Agrarian Affairs and Spatial Planning, National Aeronautics and Space Agency (LAPAN) and DI Yogyakarta Provincial Government.

All the institution that signed the One Map of Irrigation Area has coordinated and provide the information needed, LAPAN provide the satellite imagery, BIG provide the rice fieldmaps, MPWH support for irrigation scheme maps for the national authority for River Basin Organization of SerayuOpak, and Local Government support for province and districtsirrigation scheme maps. This map covering 3 national authority irrigation scheme, 41 province authority irrigation scheme, and 1,386 district authorityirrigation scheme. The DIY province has become a good pilot project as the completion of the maps finished just in 4 months.

Several agreements were taken as a result of map synchronizationprocess. The first,workflow diagrams established in DI Yogyakarta Province will be used as an example for the development of Irrigation Area Map in other area. Second, one map of irrigation areawill be used as a reference forthe preparation and implementation of irrigation management policies. Third, the overlapping between institutional authority of irrigated scheme will be resolved through the approach of hydrological of the irrigation system. Then the fourth,the geospatial agencyand other relevant institution has agreed on the methodology of calculating  area of irrigation area and will be used as a reference for other irrigation area calculation.

In 2017, One Map of Irrigation Areawas focused for the special region of Yogyakarta, and in 2018 the developing of One Map of Irrigation Areais targeted for 14 rice granary province in Indonesia and will be continuedfor the establishment of a map of national Irrigation Area. Hopefully, the establishing of One Map of Irrigation Areawill support the acceleration of providing basic need for the Indonesia, especially for the food sector.