Jakarta – The Ministry of Public Works and Housing (MPWH) targets the construction of a new development of 1 million hectareirrigationarea and rehabilitates around 3 million hectares irrigationareain the 2015-2019.President Joko Widodo has put the national food security as one of the national development agenda namelyNawaCita.

Presidential Regulation Number 56 of 2018 concerning the Second Amendment to Presidential Regulation Number 3 of 2016 concerning the Acceleration of the Implementation of National Strategic Projects (NSP) listed 6 irrigation NSPsis currently under construction. Previously there were seven irrigation NSPs served the total agricultural land area of 67,388 hectares.One of the seven NSPs Irrigation System which isWay Umpu Irrigation Scheme in Lampung Province has been completed.  Way Umpuirrigation was built since 2013 with a service area of 7,500 hectares and a 6 km supply channel.

Other six NSPs is now on going constructed, which are the new development of Jambo Aye Kananand LhokGuciirrigation scheme in Aceh Province, Lematangirrigation schemein South Sumatra Province, Leuwigoongirrigation schemein West Java Province, and Baliase irrigation scheme in South Sulawesi Provincethen the rehabilitationofGumbasairrigation schemein Central Sulawesi Province.

BasukiHadimulyono, the Minister of Public Works and Housing explained, “Construction of dams will be followed by construction of irrigation networks or called premium irrigation. Thus, damsconstruction that being built with high investment willgive great benefits wherewater will flow to the farmers’ fields”.NSPs that are targeted for completion in 2018 are Irrigation Scheme ofJambo Aye Kanan and Leuwigoong. Construction of an irrigation network in Jambo Aye Kananwill irrigate an area of 3,028 hectares with the progress of around 55.5%.

Construction theirrigation networkofLematang will irrigate an area of 3,000 hectares agriculture areawith the progress of construction now around 68.81%. Construction of the irrigation network ofLeuwigoong will irrigate an area of 5,313 hectares where the progress now has reached 98.05%. While the other PSNs are in LhokGuci, Gumbasa and Baliase are targeted for completion in 2019.

Construction of an irrigation network in LhokGuci will irrigate an area of 18,542 hectares with progress of 51.61%.Rehabilitation of irrigation networks in Gumbasa will irrigate an area of 8,180 hectares with a progress of 51.10%.  The last is construction of weirand irrigation networks in Baliase, which is the largest of the six NSPs, will irrigate an area of 21,825 hectares where the progress now has reached38.28%.

Beside of the seven NSPs, the MPWH also give attention to the other irrigation system in Indonesia. The Directorate General of Water Resources trough SerayuOpakRiver Basin Organization is currently rehabilitated and reconstructed the KamijoroWeirin Bantul Regency, Yogyakarta. The construction progress now has reached 57,54%. Located at the Progo River, the weir is expected to increase agricultural yield in the Bantul area which irrigates 2,370 hectares of rice fields.Aside from being an irrigation water source, this Kamijoro weir also supply raw water needs to support drinking water supply for 150 thousand people in Yogyakarta.