Jakarta, agriculture becomes a strategic commodity for national food security in Indonesia.President Joko Widodo has put the national food security as one of the national development priority agenda called NawaCita.The Ministry of Public Works and Housing has a commitment to support this goal by targeting in 2015-2019 developing 65 dams covering the completion of 16 dams and developing 49 new dams to increase water storage capacity.

The purpose of the development is to ensure water supply to the 14 national centres of rice productions.Furthermore,1 million new irrigation network will be developed, in line with the modernization for the existing irrigation scheme.The Minister, BasukiHadimuljono, said,”Today, from 7,3 million Ha rice field, only 11% irrigated by dam water supply. Once the 65 dams finished, it will increase to 19-20%”.

The development of dams will be continued with developing of the irrigation system, the government will make sure that the farmer will be adequate with enough water.Realizing the importance of enhancing knowledge on innovation and sharing experiences, the Government of Indonesia participated in the 69th ICID Meeting which took place over six days on 12-17 August 2018 in the City of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

The International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage (ICID) is an international commission that discusses irrigation and drainage. This commission was founded in 1950, and the professional network has spread across 80 countries. A total of 500 delegates from all over the world were present at this event to discuss innovative and sustainable water farming management and explore existing challenges from each climate of change, where the results of the discussions will be applied in each member country.


The Indonesia delegation of this forum are the representatives of Ministry of Public Works and Housing (MPWH), The National Development Planning Agency/Bappenas,TheCoordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs, and selected members of the Indonesian National Committee on Irrigations and Drainage (INACID).Together with the INACID participant also present the Expert Council IwanNursyirwanDiar, Director of Bappenas Irrigation and Irrigation, Abdul Malik Sadat Idris and Assistant Deputy for Water Resources Infrastructure, Ministry of Economy, Muhammad Zaenal Fatah and Indonesian Consul General in Toronto, and Leonard Felix Hutabarat.The Indonesian delegation was led by Adang Saf Ahmad from the Ministry of Public Works and Housing.

“Through the Word Irrigation Forum, we can share information on how to manage irrigation and drainage. We can adopt this new knowledge to answer irrigation and drainage issues in Indonesia to improve irrigation efficiency and modernizing irrigation,”Adang explained.

After the opening ceremony, (12/8), a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between INACID and China Taiwan’s Committee on Irrigation and Drainage (CTCID) regarding the cooperation in agriculture and rural development in the irrigation and drainage sector.

Furthermore, Indonesia delegation also proposed the 70th ICID forum held in Bali in 2019. (Gtv)